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Five Days of SeriousPop from all over West-Eastern-Europe
Monday to Thursday 22nd to 27th of November 2004

at WUK, (Werkstätten und Kulturhaus,1090) Concert Hall and Lounge
and fluc_MENSA (U1-Praterstern,1020)

Among other things the Symposium concentrates on the past and future of SeriousPop-Phenomena as an attempt to appropriate totalitarian aesthetics.
In the concerts, taking place at the same time, SeriousPop will be experienced in other ways:

Each act will contribute its own aspects to the field: a different strategy, sometimes direct, sometimes indirect, another use of musical instruments or new media, another style of music, another language, another approach to lyrics , another historical background, another disposition towards the future.

In the sequence of the four evenings this odyssee through WestEastern-Europe will be more and more approaching Vienna:

Ukrainians from New York will gather with cyberpunks (a 386-Intel-computerchip) from Moscow (Monday), dub from the underground of Kiev meets with the Belgrade overground-stars (Tuesday), the Elektro-Zithern from Regensburg meet the historical cult band from Prague (Wednesday) and finally the riotgirls from Zagreb will open up the road for the folk-punk locomotive from Linz (Thursday).

Those who are still able do not miss out on the SeriousPop Žurka with the canadian anti-pop deconstructionists from Berlin (fluc_mensa, Friday) and the final night which will put a whole week of SeriousPop in Vienna to an end (fluc_mensa, Saturday).

Monday 22.11.2004

19.00 Admission

20.00 Begin

386DX – The World´s First Cyberpunk-Rockband feat. Alexei Shulgin, Moskau (RU)

386dx - The Worlds First Cyberpunk-Rockband feat. Alexei Shulgin They have played all over the world, apart from Vienna: 386dx, legends for their spadework done at the foundation of the internet(Windows 3.1. in 1991 = the Iconic Desktop;First Webbrowser Mosaic followed up by Netscape Navigator), have now turned to higher functions like human emotions and cover their favourite songs from John Lennon, The Mamma´s and the Papa´s and The Doors up to Nirvana

386dx are accompanied by the Globo-Girls that stage their world-famous Globo-Style of dancing.

Gogol Bordello , New York (USA) (partially translated live)

Last summer they played in the chill north and promptly got the audience award for the best performance (Roskilde-Festival, Denmark). If there will ever be a genre named Immigrant Punk, these will have been the roots! First impressions seem a bit clueless: ‘Like a mixture of Mano Negra and the Leningrad Cowboys: on the one hand political and on the other hand in search of fun.” Jim Sclavunos, violinist atNick Caves Bad Seeds, was so enthusiastic that he founded a label to publish their first album.

And the title of their last album (2003) reveals the reason why they are essential for SeriousPop Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony. A awakening sleeper from New York, which actually derives from anywhere else.

Tuesday 23.11.2004

19.00 Admission

20.00 Begin

Foa Hoka, Kiev (UKR) (partially translated live)

FOA HOKA (Ukraine)
“We are not in the fog!” They have been called “Revelation of the Ukrainian underground!" or "Folk Industrial" or even a first prototyp of “Post-Industrial”- one of the most extravagant experimental formations that Ukrainian alternative scene ever had. The project was launched in the beginning of the 90´s under the supervision of a once legendary, now half forgotten East Ukrainian cultural organisation „NOVAYA SCENA", which main achievement was a CD-compilation of Ukrainian alternative music on WhatSoFunnyAbout-Records 10 years ago. Foa Hoka had their debut there, as a post-industrial neo folk combo.
This past decade brings some stylistic changes to their conception. At this very moment, after touring Germany and Poland, a few CD releases and numerous appearances on various modern art festivals, the band strongly holds their sharp lo-fi grooves boldly combined with lush melody polyphonia and unexpectably emotional crowning.

FoaHoka are:

DMYTRO KUROVSKY - lyrics, music, vocal, keyboards, flute

Represented by: Sale Records, Thermos Records, SKP Records ˆ Ukraine Falcata Galia Records - USA

This experimental duo comes from the town of Chernihiv in the Ukraine, where one seems to end up in the underground when producing a musical style called dub ... Anyone for guessing why?

Darkwood Dub , Belgrad (SR) (completely translated live from Serbian)

Darkwood Dub was founded in 1988. It this time a group of young musicians started to experiment with Reggae, guitar sounds and committed, but at the same time very emotional, texts. With their first album (1994) they became the most popular underground band in Belgrade. Their second album, ‚Into the Endlessness’ was chosen by music critics as the best native album in 1996. After the album ‚Darkwood Dub’ the band, consisting of six musicians, published their most momentous work: ‚Elektropionier’. With this CD the style of the Darkwoods, now the most popular and active band in Belgrade, was defined: a bracing mixture of dance-music and alternative Rock occasianally enriched with Dub and Afro elements. In 2000 the band began to tour through the former Jugoslavian republics (Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skoplje, Lubljana). ‚To remain silent is not the Serbian way’ or ‚It is about time’, were the names of the tours, which were dedicated to the traditionally uninvolved young voters. B92, the radio station of the Serbian resistance movement, produced a documentary about the performance in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica in May 2001, the first rock concert for twelve years in the town,. Their second-last album has the encouranging title ‚Life begins at 30’ (život poèinje u 30 oj).

Wednesday 24.11.2004

19.00 Admission

20.00 Begin

Gebrüder Teichmann / Leopold Hurt (Zither), Berlin (D)

Known internationally for their imaginative "Experimental Techno", their roaring sets in the biggest German clubs and their exquisite music label they recently returned from a tour in Siberia. Their act in Vienna may recall ‚The Third Man’, if it wasn't completely different: Together with the professional zither player Leopold Hurt, they play the soundtrack to the film ‚The Holy Mountain’ (directed by A. Fanck, 1926) live. Acting with Luis Trenker, the in/famous German film director Leni Riefenstahl made her first appearance on film and gathered valuable experience about how to make films that really rock. Only a few years later she produced "Triumph of the Will" (1934).

Plastic People of the Universe, Prag (CZ) (completely translated live from Czech)

Their idols were Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa. By and By they turned out to be one of the most inventive groups, not only of the czech Rock-scene. They did not compromise with the communist regime, what effected the cancelation of their artists licence and ongoing troubles with the authorities. The systematic prosecution peaked out in the year 1976, when several members were sentenced to imprisonment. To effect their release a group of oppositional intellectuals in the circumference of Václav Havel organized a petition, wich culminated in the Charta 77. A Rock’n’Rollband gave the reason to the fusion of the opposition – a development, which had no analogy in the former communist countries. Till this day, The Plastic People of the Universe kept their clear artistic vision and developed a distinctive musical style, which brought them worldwide, long lasting popularity. After a break for several years they resumed their musical work in the year 1997 and approved their qualified position in the history of Rock.

Thursday 25.11.2004

19.00 Admission

20.00 Begin

Ghetto Booties, Zagreb (KRO), (partially translated into English)

The Ghetto Booties favor low-budget electronic dance music. They represent the audio-part of the Gnu Girl Power Lounge from Zagreb, Kroatia. ‚Our base is the equal sharing of work, clothes, cables, lipsticks, and open source politics.’

Attwenger , Linz (A) (partially translated into English)

AttwengerMarkus Binder and Hans-Peter Falckner. What it is about? : the murmur of men, lights which turn on and off, items noticed in the calendar, an empty desk, the small and square minded, what happens when staring into the sun, a free ticket for a space ship, wall papers in a car in a video clip, the fact that it is advisable to take off the hat before it starts burning and a lot of other similar things. ‚Do you move to Hamburg? There they have the same thing as we have, with the right wing in government. Or moving to Denmark? Or to Le Pen? I cannot say: I just emigrate, because I don’t give a fuck where I am. It doesn’t seem to be good around here. In a very international way we practice what you can call provincialism studies.’ (Der Standard, daily newspaper, 14.03.2002)(DER STANDARD, daily newspaper, 14.03. 2002)

Friday / Saturday 26./27.11.2004

at the FLUC_MENSA, U1-Station Praterstern

Friday 26.11.2004

at the FLUC_MENSA, U1-Station Praterstern, in cooperation with Tanya Bednar (Icke Micke)

19.00 Admission
20.30 to 23.00 Concert, afterwards Icke Micke - programme

Fuzzy Love- Let us irritain you Gordon Monahan & Laura Kikauka (DJ Record Player) & JJ Jones & Gordon W., Berlin (DE / CA)

Samstag 27.11.2004

19.00 Einlass

20.00 Beginn

Ghetto Booties, Zagreb (KRO)

Foa Hoka, Kiev (UA)

Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, NY, USA - Electronic Gypsy Punk +

DJ DerBastler, Kiev (UA)

DJ Chris Down, Hamburg (DE)

Art on Demand

Besonderheiten bei den Konzerten

  • Life-Übersetzungen der Inhalte per Videobeam

Bei den Konzerten geht es um eine möglichst verständliche Übersetzung der Textinhalte, d.h. das Aufzeigen / Durchbrechen der Sprachbarrieren durch live-Einblendung der Texte durch Videobeams. In der Originalsprache, deutsch und englisch.

Diese Textübersetzungen werden mit den Gruppen und ihrem Set jeweils einzeln abgestimmt.

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